Our Team

We believe in our team that surrounds us, we encourage, we inspire and we like to keep the creativity alive. Each of our floral designers have full qualifications in floral design though of course are unique in each strength and by working alongside one another we all learn, teach and motivate each another to keep creating.


Melissa Hart - Floral Director

Co-Owner at Blooms on Darby Mel is by far the most experienced in floral design, having her hands and heart in the game for over twenty five years. After starting her florist apprenticeship in Sydney she has since owned multiple florist studios throughout regional NSW. With an eye for seeing the beauty in the strange of the flora and fauna world, give her a twisted stick and bucket of blooms and watch her create a botanical masterpiece.

Fave Blooms: Hydrangea, Peonies, Driftwood - is that a flower? 

Why Floristry: To create

Flowery Vibes: one off floral creations, unusual, texture  

Natalie Hart - Floral Director

The other Co-Owner at Blooms on Darby Natalie is all about the rambling, overflowing romance inspired by flowers. Growing up in her mothers (Melissa's) flower shops you would find her hiding small invitations amongst the flowers to a fairy ball. With over six years in event management and ten plus years in the floral world (by choice and not as a daughter!) you can be sure you will get a wildly romantic design out of her. 

Fave Blooms: Tulips, O'hara Roses, David Austin Roses (Jules)

Why Floristry: The Romance

Flowery Vibes: Wild, Rambling, Poetic,Sweet



Samantha - Floral Designer

Fave Blooms: Cherry Blossom, Cymbidium Orchids, Tropical Leaves

Why Floristry: The Euphoria

Flowery Vibes: Modern, Natural, Fanciful, Experimental

Nichola - Floral Designer

Fave Blooms: Renunculus, Hydrangea, Dahlias

Why Floristry: The Visual Impact and Emotions

Flowery Vibes: Adventurous, Whimsical, Quirky



Emily - Junior Floral Designer

Fave Blooms: Quicksand Roses, Hydrangea, Dahlia

Why Floristry: Creative Passion

Flowery Vibes: Unique, Beautiful, Texture, Whimsical

Lucy Belle - The Tiny Florist

Fave Blooms: Anything I can pull out of a bucket and smell

Why Floristry: Family Ties - My Mummy Natalie has had me hanging out on Darby Street since I was three days old.

Flowery Vibes: I am learning flower arranging though I still prefer putting the plants away and drinking baby cinos



Ruby - Flower Cat

Resident Flower Feline who does a whole lot of sniffing, sitting and purring for attention, she even has her own instagram @rubywithflowers